December 15, 2010

iTunes U

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iTunes U is a feature of the iTunes Store that gives users access to over 350,000 free lectures, audio books, and lesson plans from hundreds of universities, cultural, and education institutions such as the Library of Congress, Cambridge, Princeton, Harvard, and Yale. This is a terrific resource for educators download lectures and lesson plans over any educational topic to gain new ideas or inspiration for their own classrooms. Here are some of the amazing resources you will find at iTunes U:

  • Subscribe to Yale Open Courses, free audio lectures will be downloaded to your iTunes account as they become available.
  • Download free tutorials over almost any software such as Final Cut Pro, Excel, Moodle, and PhotoShop
  • Download videos, podcasts, and audio books about important historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln

December 2, 2010

Algebasics – Algebra Tutorials

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Students will find extra help with basic Algebra concepts with audio and slide tutorials explaining a wide variety of sample Algebra problems. There are sixteen topics to choose from such as: Ratio and Proportion, Polynomials, Factoring, Quadratics, Linear Equations, and Functions.

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