May 2, 2011

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MathGameTime is your resource on the Web for math homework help. If your PreK-7 student is struggling with a certain math concept, you will find interactive online games, math worksheets, and video tutorials to explain math concepts in a fun and interactive way. Research has shown that students become highly motivated to learn and improve in a game environment and online educational games have been known to improve math scores. MathGameTime has scoured the Web for the best resources available to help students excel in Math. High quality online games, videos and practice worksheets are available for a wide variety of topics such as: addition, subtraction, geometry, fractions, algebra, probability, time and money, and problem solving. ALTEC’s own Arcademic Skillbuilders has several online games featured on this Web site so be sure to recommend it to your students today!

April 25, 2011

Filed under: April 2011 — mbrown @ 9:47 am was created for involved parents to stay connected to their children’s education and help them to succeed. Is your child having trouble in math, reading, science, history, test preparation, art, or another subject? Go to the Activities page to find fun activities searchable by grade, subject, and topic to help your child better understand the concepts they are having trouble with in a fun way. There is also a terrific Just Ask discussion board where you can post a question to any school related issue and other parents and educators can answer your questions and provide suggestions. There are articles, printable worksheets, videos, and parent’s guides to education from preschool through college.

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