December 2, 2009


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QuizStar QuizStar
With QuizStar you can create online quizzes complete with graphics and media files. Teachers can manage classes, quizzes, and grades with your own administration page. This is also a great way to provide students with a way to review for exams from home. They can login to QuizStar from anywhere with an Internet connection.

RubiStar RubiStar
RubiStar allows you to create customized rubrics in minutes. Templates are available in English and Spanish. You can create a free account in RubiStar and create, edit, save, and print the rubrics you create.

ARCADEMIC Arcademic Skillbuilders
Make learning fun with online educational games! Students will learn math, language arts, vocabulary, and thinking skills using games designed to incorporate traditional arcade features with educational skills. Games like Meteor Multiplication, Alien Addition, and VerbViper will capture students’ attention while sharpening their basic skills.

TrackStar TrackStar
Create an interactive online lesson in minutes using TrackStar. Simply collect Web sites, enter them into TrackStar, write annotations for your students, and you have a ready-to-use online lesson called a Track. Visit TrackStar to find more than 100,000 ready-made online lessons searchable by grade level and topic. You can use an existing lesson or create one of your own.

Assignaday Assign-A-Day
Use Assign-A-Day to create online calendars for each of your classes. You can add assignments and links to resources. Students and parents can access the calendar to see assignments they may have missed or upcoming projects.

PersuadeStar PersuadeStar
This free online application is designed to help students in grades 5-12 write a persuasive essay. Teachers can begin by creating an account and choosing options for students to use such as: analysis of example essays, essay planning tools, essay writing space, student spelling feedback, and source and bibliography information. Each student is assigned a login code and the teacher can then keep track of student essays which can be downloaded to a personal computer or viewed online for one month after the last modification.

ClassArchitect Classroom Architect
Design a floor plan for your classroom with this unique online tool. Experiment with different classroom layouts without the heavy lifting. Simply type in your classroom measurements and drag items like tables, chairs, desks, storage, and shelves to the large grid. When you’re finished, print off your floor plan and set up your newly designed and highly functional classroom environment.

Equity Equity Index
Meeting the needs of a diverse classroom can be a challenge. This online resource was designed to help teachers find Rubrics, online classes and helpful Web sites over a wide variety of categories including: Assessment, Assistive Technologies, Disabilities, Gender, Grants, Legal Issues, Multicultural, and Special Needs. Each category has a number of subtopics with resources for each topic.

Tacklebox Teacher Tacklebox
Visit this site and put in your specific subject, theme, and topic and you’ll be connected with free online lessons, ThinkQuests, and WebQuests that are readily available to use in your classroom. The staff at Teacher Tacklebox has searched the Web to find hundreds of valuable resources to enhance to use in your classroom.

pblchecklist PBL Checklists
Project based learning checklists provide you with age-appropriate, customizable project checklists for written reports, multimedia projects, oral presentations, and science projects. Students can use the checklists to stay on track during projects and take responsibility for their own learning through peer and self-evaluation. Checklists are available in English and Spanish.

Webposterwizard Web Poster Wizard
Are you interested in creating an online worksheet but don’t know where to begin? Web Worksheet Wizard makes it easy: If you can type, you can create an online worksheet. Create a Web page complete with graphics and links in a snap, just by following the simple instructions. You can also search for worksheets by keyword and modify an existing worksheet to meet your needs.

notestar NoteStar
Online research can be time-consuming, especially if you’re keeping track of sources on a separate piece of paper or typing each one as you go. NoteStar makes online research a breeze. Students can take notes, track source information, and create a bibliography that they can print when they’ve completed their research. Teachers can use NoteStar to track student progress, help students organize their notes, send messages to students, and check source authenticity.

thinktank ThinkTank
Having trouble narrowing down a specific topic? Need to create an outline for a report but unsure where to start? ThinkTank is just the tool you need to get you started! Just type in your subject and ThinkTank’s exclusive random subtopic generator will help you create an outline that you can then export into NoteStar to begin your research.

Want to find fun, educational, and safe places on the Web for your students? The talented team of educators, writers, artists, and students at has been doing just that for the past 10 years. Let your students visit to play educational games, find cool spots on the Web, and send their technology questions to Ask Amy, a real kid who can help them find answers to their technology questions.

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