March 21, 2010

Train your Entire Staff on a Limited Budget

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Many technology coordinators are beginning to schedule their staff development sessions for summer. Finding cost-effective ways to train your entire staff can be a challenge. Fortunately there are a few options available to schools that are working with a limited budget. (more…)

MIT OCW Highlights for High School

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MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is an online database of virtually all MIT courseware. MIT course materials include lecture notes, exams, and videos and are free and available for anyone to use. There are currently 1900 courses available and no registration is required to view the materials. The Highlights for High School section of the OCW features materials that are most useful for high school students and teachers. (more…)

Site of the Week

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Teacher Tap
Teacher Tap provides free professional development resources organized into project pages that focus on a specific topic. Each project page contains practical hands-on activities, common questions, teacher resources, software suggestions, and useful learning resources. For a more indepth look at specific topics there are also online courses available.

March 7, 2010

ALTEC Needs Your Help

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We are currently conducting a short student survey to determine students’ “likeability” of math and word games. We hope it will help us make better educational games. The survey will take less than five minutes to complete and we collect no personal information at all. To take the survey go to Computer Games Likeability Survey.

Educators Can Receive SpellQuizzer Software for FREE!

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SpellQuizzer is a user-friendly software designed to compliment any spelling curriculum. Create your own custom spelling lists complete with sound recordings that allow you to add your own fun phrases and voices to keep students engaged and amused while practicing spelling. (more…)

Third Grade Teacher Discovers Innovative Use for Classroom Architect

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Classroom Architect is a free online resource designed to help teachers determine the best classroom arrangement without the strenuous process of moving heavy furniture items around in advance. This unique resource allows you to put in the dimensions of the room you are designing and drag graphic representations of classroom furniture around until you find a layout that works best for you. You can then print your design and arrange your classroom. (more…)

March 1, 2010


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Check out AMAZING low-cost subscription-based resources on the Web!

There are several resources on the Web that are high quality, constantly updated, and save hours of time by providing you with ready-to-use lessons, tutorials, professional development, and interactive tools for your classroom. A free trial of one or all of these resources may be worth your time to determine which subscription-based resources will benefit you. Once you’ve tried them you can then apply to your district to use Title II.D funding for technology to subscribe to these resources for the 2010/2011 school year. (more…)

Site of the Week

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Best Evidence Encyclopedia (

The Best Evidence Encyclopedia was created to provide all educators with unbiased reviews of educational programs that have been successfully evaluated in valid research. This free resource is a powerful tool that allows educators to make better-informed choices when choosing educational programs.

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