December 7, 2009

General Curriculum

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  • ClassZone (
    Textbooks come to life with this wonderful companion to McDougal Littell’s suite of math, world languages, science, social studies, and language arts textbooks. Students in grades 7-12 can search for their textbook by grade level, state, and subject. They will then find links to online quizzes, puzzles, current events, and study materials. Teachers will find daily lesson ideas and professional development resources. This is a great way for students to solidify their knowledge of each chapter with extra review and practice. It’s also a way for teachers to make reading more interactive and interesting for students.
  • Lesson Plans Library (
    The Lesson Plan Library by Discovery Education has hundreds of lesson plans for grades K-12 over a wide variety of topics. Each lesson plan contains objectives, materials, discussion questions, procedures, evaluation, links, and standards. All lesson plans are free. Find new creative lesson plans for your classroom.
  • ( was created for involved parents to stay connected to their children’s education and help them to succeed. Is your child having trouble in math, reading, science, history, test preparation, art, or another subject? Go to the Activities page to find fun activities searchable by grade, subject, and topic to help your child better understand the concepts they are having trouble with in a fun way. There is also a terrific Just Ask discussion board where you can post a question to any school related issue and other parents and educators can answer your questions and provide suggestions. There are articles, printable worksheets, videos, and parent’s guides to education from preschool through college.
  • ClassZone (
    Textbooks come to life with this wonderful companion to McDougal Littell’s suite of math, world languages, science, social studies, and language arts textbooks. Students in grades 7-12 can search for their textbook by grade level, state, and subject. They will then find links to online quizzes, puzzles, current events, and study materials. Teachers will find daily lesson ideas and professional development resources. This is a great way for students to solidify their knowledge of each chapter with extra review and practice. It’s also a way for teachers to make reading more interactive and interesting for students.
  • eTHEMES (

    eTHEMES is a free searchable database of more than 2500 carefully reviewed online resources for teachers, students, curriculum specialists, librarians, and anyone looking for high quality, kid-safe sites on the Web. Students can use this site for research and teachers can use it to find resources to create Webquests, online lessons, or to find links to high-quality classroom resources.
  • Best Educational Sites (
    This is a wonderful resource for K-12 online resources about a wide variety of subjects including: games, activities, and fun, astronomy and space sites, engineering, language, math, museums, news sites for kids, reference links, science sites, social studies, search engines, and teacher resources. There are resources for everyone at this award-winning site.
  • Lesson Planz (
    This site has hundreds of printable K-12 lesson plans divided by grade level and topic and searchable by keyword.
  • Lesson Plan Library (
    The Lesson Plan Library by Discovery Education has hundreds of lesson plans for grades K-12 over a wide variety of topics. Each lesson plan contains objectives, materials, discussion questions, procedures, evaluation, links, and standards. All lesson plans are free. Find new creative lesson plans for your classroom.
  • Lesson Planz (
    This site has hundreds of printable K-12 lesson plans divided by grade level and topic and searchable by keyword.
  • ( provides free printable worksheets for preschool through fifth grade. Download worksheets for music, geography, math, English, science, alphabet games, creative writing, and more!
  • Game Classroom (
    Game Classroom is a place for K-6 students to find high-quality educational games to practice their math and language arts skills. They can also find homework help, sample problems, and online resources for parents and teachers.
  • Review Game Zone (
    Create free educational review games and quizzes in minutes using this free online game creator. Teachers can input review questions, choose from a variety of online game formats and store the quizzes online for students to access for review. There is also a database of games that are already created over a wide variety of subjects such as math, English, business, history, and economics.
  • (
    This site has a collection of hundreds of free math and phonics worksheets, math and phonics games, and grammar quizzes. The worksheets are auto-generated so that you can customize them to meet your needs. The online games have brilliant graphics that are sure to capture your students’ attention.
  • SchoolExpress (
    This site has thousands of free printable worksheets, games, activities, quizzes, flash cards, thematic units, and more. Materials for hundreds of subjects, topics, and themes are available.
  • Teachers Network (
    Find hundreds of resources at Teachers Network. There are lesson plans, videos for teachers, grants, new teacher resources, online courses, and a teacher store. Find lessons for K-12 students on a large variety of topics such as art history, journalism, P.E., math, music, and science.
  • TeacherVision (
    TeacherVision has a large online database of lesson plans, printable books and worksheets, graphic organizers, and instructional resources to help you enhance the learning experience in your classroom.
  • Pete’s PowerPoint Station (
    Find thousands of free powerpoint presentations to use in your classroom. They are divided into 42 subjects. You are sure to find a powerpoint presentation for any theme or topic you are teaching!
  • (
    This site provides free access to more than 28,000 lesson plans, 7000 printable worksheets, rubrics, teaching tips, educational games, and webquests.
  • Super Teacher Worksheets (
    This site has free printable worksheets for math, language arts, and spelling for grades K-4. There are worksheets, puzzles, tips from teachers who use the site, and much more! Parents also use the site to print out worksheets in areas their children need extra practice in.
  • Stuff for Classroom Teachers (
    This site is full of lesson plans, smartboard activities, teacher tools, games, and professional development resources. Use it to inspire new ideas in your curriculum
  • (
    Organize your bookmarks and access them from any computer in the world using this helpful tool. Find great educational Web sites and save them to your own list.
  • Lesson Planet (
    This site is a searchable database with over 150,000 lesson plans reviewed by K-12 teachers. Try it free and find new curriculum materials for your own classroom!
  • How Everyday Things Are Made (
    How Everyday Things are Made is an introductory website for kids and adults showing how various items are made. It covers over 40 different products (like candy, cars, airplanes, or bottles) and manufacturing processes (like forging, casting, or injection molding), and includes almost 4 hours of manufacturing video.
  • ( offers free lesson plans, crafts, ideas, worksheets and downloadable materials for kindergarten and elementary school teachers. The suggestions and materials can be used to create your own lessons. Check out the Themes, Games and How To sections!
  • (
    The Future Channel uses new media technologies to create, produce and distribute high quality multimedia content which educators in any setting can use to enliven curriculum, engage students and otherwise enhance the learning experience.
  • ( offers interactive, educational activities and games (math, grammar, science) for K-8 kids. This site also offers useful resources for parents and teachers. Check it out!
  • Kids Philosophy Slam (
    Kid Philosophy Slam is an annual program designed to make philosophy fun and accessible to all kids in grades K12, as well as to help promote critical thinking skills and encourage dialogue with other students and adults.
  • The Study Stack (
    The Study Stack helps you memorize information about various subjects. Display a stack of “virtual cards,” review the information at your own pace, keep the cards you need to review, and export the data to your cellphone or PDA.
  • Awesome Library (
    Awesome Library is a very comprehensive database that contains more than 30, 000 carefully reviewed Web resources, including the top 5 percent in education. There are specific sections for parents, teachers, teens, kids, librarians, and college students.
  • ( is an online destination for individuals interested in creating environments and communities that value diversity. There are ideas and resources for teachers, parents, teens, and kids that promote and support anti-bias in every venue of life.
  • Movie-Making for Kids (…e_main.htm)
    Movie Making for Kids helps you learn the basics to producing your own digital movie, get to know the key terms used in movie-making, and learn proper techniques in video-shooting and editing. Also, learn about movie categories and how to create simple shot sheets.
  • Classroom Resources in Technology (
    Classroom Resources in Technology is an excellent data base of resources on a variety of topics for using and integrating technology in the classroom. There are five major categories: General Resources, Jeopardy Activities, Keyboarding Resources, Educational Portals and Scavenger Hunts.
  • Animal Land (
    Animal Land helps you understand the different ways in which you can help prevent injustices on pets. You can learn many interesting facts about animals in general, ask questions about your pets and find out about careers related to the care of animals. There are also cartoons and other interactive activities.
  • CareerShip (…ership.cfm)
    Career Ship is a free online career exploration adventure for middle and high school students. Students can review careers by cluster, match careers to their interests, or search for a particular career. There is a variety of information for each career.
  • Read to Feed (
    Read to Feed aims at increasing understanding of issues related to hunger and poverty, and empower and inspire people to take action to create a sustainable, socially just, economically viable, and environmentally sound world. Check out the section for Teachers, Leaders and Parents, and the fun and games!
  • Kids Work! (
    Kids Work is a virtual community of workplaces designed to give students an interactive job exploration experience that connects school work to real work. Discover the history of the career field by using a timeline, play three job play activities that provide an interactive virtual work experience tied directly to curriculum standards, meet real people who work in this profession, and explore the work zone and learn more about a real workplace.
  • The Library of Congress: Webcasts (
    The Library of Congress Webcasts allows you to access hundreds of talks, discussions, and conferences. All of these webcasts are organized under different thematic categories such as poetry, religion, education, science, culture, and history. You can also view presentations from dozens of your favorite authors, poets and storytellers from the National Book Festivals.
  • Arcademic Skill Builders (
    Arcademic Skill Builders are online and downloadable games that offer a powerful approach to learning basic math, language arts, vocabulary and thinking skills. The programs stem from experience, systematic observations, and research in attempting to understand student learning in school and social situations. This program incorporates the advantages of current electronic and educational technology to provide educators with a challenging fresh approach to teaching and learning.
  • (
    Education Atlas is a very comprehensive guide to excellent education sites on the Web. These sites are sorted by Education Index/Subject and life stage, so you can find exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily. Whether you are a mother looking for the best home schooling resources for your children, a high school graduate researching colleges, a teacher in need of new lesson ideas for your pupils, or a career professional seeking continuing education opportunities, with over 8,000 indexed websites, you are sure to find the resource you are looking for here.
  • CAST (
    CAST is a nonprofit organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals, especially those with disabilities, through the research and development of innovative, technology-based educational resources and strategies. CAST researches and develops ways to support all learners according to their individual strengths and needs.
  • (
    Springboard Magazine is an online educational magazine for children 3-9 years of age. There are lots of fun educational games to learn math and language, science experiments and essays, stories with audio, art and craft projects, coloring pages, general knowledge and much more. The magazine is free. Past issues are archived in a database.
  • NetSmartz Workshop (
    NetSmartz Workshop is an interactive, educational safety resource to teach kids and teens how to stay safer on the Internet. It combines new technologies available and current information to create high-impact educational activities. Parents, guardians, educators, and law enforcement also have access to resources for learning and teaching about the dangers children may face online. This web site was created by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA).
  • Student Internet Library (…ibrary.htm)
    Student Internet Library is a very comprehensive database of 8 subject libraries and many other different links of interest to teachers, learners, and parents. Under the section Help for Teachers and Parents, there are links to K-12 teachers by subject, teachers helping teachers, school essentials for parents, and other resources. The Help for Students includes homework help sites, research paper guides, vocational information, etc. You can also search by specific subjects from content areas to technology issues.
  • ( is a web site to be used by children for learning English, mathematics and other subjects in a fun way. The contents presented in this site can be used as a supplementary educational tool. Children can learn about time, logic, the space, and the world through many interactive activities that are fun.
  • (
    EdHelper is an excellent site that offers you a lot of ideas, many activities and tools to help you with different school subjects ranging from math to language skills. You can also find monthly and daily theme units, classroom helpers, and printable worksheets and materials as well as skill reviews. Enjoy!
  • End of the School Year Games and Online Resources (…ber=255964)
    End of School Year Games and Online Resources offers a great variety of games. It also deals with whether or not video games can stimulate academic learning. Some studies have shown learners having impressive perceptual gains after just a short time playing a game. There are also games to practice colors and their symbolism, to construct robots and other mechanical creations, to create graphs, to practice math and much more.
  • Breaking News English (
    Breaking News English offers multi-level lessons and materials about breaking world news and current affairs. Each day a new lesson is uploaded. Each lesson includes an MP3 audio file, several communicative activities for pair work, discussion, reading and vocabulary. All of the materials are easily downloadable and can be photocopied. Lesson plans and classroom worksheets are downloadable in MS Word and PDF formats. Teachers can easily copy and paste the parts of the lessons they want to use without any problems.
  • Food Force (
    Food Force is a game created by the United Nations World Food Programme specifically to help teach children about the big issue of hunger in the world. This game features an animated team who guide the player through a series of missions in delivering food to the hungry. At the end of each mission, the characters present their feedback on the player’s performance and encourage repeat play. The game is designed to run on a standard PC or Apple computer and is a rich multimedia experience that is appealing to children of 8-13 years of age.
  • The Free Course (
    The Free Course is a free educational database that contains numerous free online courses, tutorials and web based training courses. The courses cover many topics like: business, computer, languages, soft skills, sciences, sports and hobbies. Each one of the course listings is organized by author and contains a brief description of the course contents.
  • Kid’s Space (
    Kid’s Space is a site for readers 16 years old and younger. This site tries to make a difference in the educational use of the Internet by stimulating learning through self-discovery, encouraging artistic expression in different media, and promoting cross-cultural collaboration. Check out the creative activities. Click on Kids Gallery to show pictures about Animals, Fantasy, Scenery, Science, and Technology. In the StoryBook section, you can read and send stories. There are four chapters: Monthly Stories, Original Stories, Folk Stories, and Class Works. Create a picture book while cooperating with other kids on the net when you click on the Beanstalk section, and go to the On Air Concert to share musical works played or created by other kids. Enjoy!
  • Between the Lions Stories (
    Between the Lions Stories is a web site for parents and teachers and their kids to surf together, read stories , and play related interactive games. Each story leads into an adventure. You do not have to have seen a particular episode of the Between the Lions TV series to do the activities. You can also print the stories to read away from the computer and Cliff’s Notes help you get the most out of the interactive games. The Parents & Teachers section includes more information about the series episodes and their curriculum, and features over 300 literacy tips. There is also a list of recommended books for additional reading.
  • (
    Edupics is a great resource to find pictures on a variety of topics. This web site contains approximately 1,022 images in 86 categories and more are added on a regular basis. You can choose, download, and print images for professions, hygiene, culture themes, History, Geography, and many, many more themes. Teachers can use these pictures in class to enhance teaching and make their students learning more exciting. Students can use them to expand their knowledge and/or review subject matter while coloring them.
  • Children’s Stories and Free Resources (
    Children’s Stories and Free Resources is your web site for childrens stories and activities. The Free Fun Games section offers interactive and educational activities as well as ideas such us 10 ways to have fun with words and easy, non-messy craft projects. The Teachers Resources contains many worksheets organized by subject, type of activity, and suggested age level. There is also a section for parents that includes helpful information to optimize their childrens opportunities to develop into well-adjusted, creative individuals.
  • The New York Philharmonic Kidzone! (
    The New York Philharmonic Kidzone offers you a lot of information about music, instruments, composers, and conductors in its eight different interactive sections. Learn about famous composers and conductors in the Composers Gallery and the Conductor/ Soloist Dressing Rooms, or read about what different musicians have to say about their experiences and instruments in the Musicians Lounge. Create your own music and learn how to make your own instruments by visiting the Composition Workshop and the Instrument Lab. Enter the Game Room and have lots of fun with all of the interactive games.
  • Infection Detection Protection (
    Infection Detection Protection will help students, families, and teachers understand what causes infectious diseases and what they can do to help prevent them. With many diseases such as the flu and AIDS, there is much people still need to learn. All of the seven activities presented provide excellent learning ways to find about and protect yourself from germs and other types of microbes. You can meet the Amazing Microbe Hunters, solve the Bacteria in the Cafeteria riddle, and the Mixed-up Microbe Mystery. Did you know that according to the American Society of Microbiology, infectious disease is the leading cause of death in the world?
  • Safety City (
    Safety City teaches the basics of safety by visiting all of hot spots in a colorful and kid-friendly town. Vince and Larry are your tour guides throughout this adventure. You can take the Safety Challenge quiz to test your knowledge of safety trivia. Hop aboard the big yellow bus and learn all about what special features make your school bus safe to travel. By clicking on the ambulance, you will learn about Emergency Medical Service, including how to call for EMS help. The Teachers Lounge offers lesson plans to teach safety that are both educational and enjoyable.
  • HandSpeak (
    HandSpeak helps kids learn about American Sign Language, its uses, and many other interesting aspects of sign languages as rich visual-gestural-spatial forms of communication. Find out how much these languages have developed and about the many purposes they are used for.
  • Open Heart (
    Learn about how the heart works, how it gets into trouble, what can be done to rescue it, and what you can do to keep it healthy. Each one of the sections included has hands-on activities that will make your learning experience fascinating and interactive. Check out the Prevention section to learn about the effect of lisfestyle choices on your heart and your overall well-being.
  • Cable in the Classroom (
    Learn about how cable technology and content can improve teaching and learning. The Professional Enrichment section offers educators ideas to consider and trends to follow, and the Resources section helps students reinforce previous learning and create original content.
  • KidsHealth (
    You can find in-depth features, articles, animations, games, and resources developed by experts in the health of children and teens. Don’t forget to check out the How the Body Works movies and the Mission Nutrition game.
  • Smithsonian Education (
    Smithsonian Education features interactive activities and IdeaLabs for students, teaching tools, lesson plans and a database of websites for teachers. For the family, this website offers tips on how to make your visit to the museum a fun and interesting learning experience.
  • Crool Zone? (
    A WebQuest Series on creating non-violent schools. The activities in this site not only provide information on safety issues but also throw you into discussions and problem solving.
  • BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper (…index.html)
    BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper there are more than 700 links that can help you with your homework. Check out the Study Tools, Fun & Games, and Learning Adventures in the For Students section.
  • Figure This! (
    Figure This is the math site for families. This site provides you with a lot of interactive problem solving activities. Take one of the challenges, and let Polygon, Tessellation, Exponent, Tangent, and Axis help you solve them.
  • Pathways to School improvement (
    Pathways to School Improvement explores ideas on using technology to enhance literacy instructions, ensuring equity with alternative assessments, establishing collaboratives and partnerships, evaluating professional growth and development, and rethinking strategies to help students succeed.
    Kids Net a search engine just for kids. Choose among categories such as Arts, People and Society, School Time, Games, and many more.
  • Kids’ Vid (
    Kids’ Vid an instructional web site that gives teachers and students the tools necessary to implement video production in the classroom. You can have your video class projects displayed on this site, too. Get your movie ready to premier!
  • Quiz Master (
    Quiz Master gives you the opportunity to create web-based quiz games on the topics of your choice. You can either write your own quiz or use the ones already there.
  • Maggie’s Earth Adventures (
    Maggie’s Earth Adventures see materials produced and designed to provide children with the knowledge and motivation to make informed decisions to protect the future of our planet. Check out the on-line activities and the printable lessons. Also in Spanish.
  • EduHound (
    EduHound a great directory of resources for educators, students, and parents. Browse through all the categories and find really useful resources.
  • Homework Help (
    If you need to know how many hours manatees spend eating, what is the name of a small creature key to life in Antarctica, or what kind of a monster Tsunami is?; from National Geographic.
  • EDSITEment (
    EDSITEment is struggling to find new ideas to teach art and culture, literature and language arts, foreign languages, history and social studies? Choose among the different subject categories, grade levels and lesson plans.
  • BBC Schools Online (
    BBC Schools provides a great variety of very interesting, useful and entertaining resources by grade level or discipline. For teachers, students and parents.
  • Kid Info (
    Kid Info offers students help with their homework in different subject areas.
  • Lesson bank (
    With Lesson bank you can request your favorite lesson plan and activities; from
  • PT3 (
    PT3 offers a comprehensive list of resources on technology and how to use it more effectively; by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Learning Page (
    Teachers, Parents, Homeschoolers! This is a place for lesson plans, worksheets, & activities.
  • Getting Students Connected (
    This site offers elementary students and parents recommendations for Web browsing.

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