August 22, 2011

Site of the Week

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BuzzMath is an interactive math workbook that has more than 2700 online math problems with instant feedback and step-by-step solutions. Teachers can use it to generate assignments, demonstrate problems on the SMART Board, produce random math problems, and generate achievement reports to determine areas of need. Parents can use it to provide additional math practice to increase understanding in problem areas. Students can use it to solve math puzzles and enigmas, play games, and additional study and practice. BuzzMath is free to use but also has a subscription-based program with enhanced features. As of September 1, 2011, one teacher at every school will be eligible for a free subscription to BuzzMath!

August 15, 2011


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LearnBoost is a completely free online software that was designed to manage all classroom administrative tasks in one place. Teachers can use LearnBoost to manage gradebooks, assignment calendars, to-do lists, track attendance, and communicate with parents. The reporting tools use data from your gradebook to automatically update graphs and visuals to easily track and assess student progress. The Lesson Plan tab allows you to create multimedia lesson plans that can be associated to common core-standards with one click. Teachers can also choose to allow limited access to parents and students so they can log on to view grades, attendance, assignment calendars, and classroom policies. The integrated seating chart with access to your class roster makes it easy to find the perfect seating arrangement for your class. Designed to work seamlessly with Google Apps, you can connect to your Google Calendar, and even add LearnBoost to your Google Apps Marketplace to automatically put your gradebook into your Google universal navigation bar. Take a tour of LearnBoost for complete details then sign up for a free account today!

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