July 4, 2011


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Math will come alive in your classroom using the interactive resources available at Illuminations. There are more than 600 lessons searchable by grade level, topic, and standard. There are more than 100 interactive online activities such as data graphers, dynamic paper (create 3-D images), a fractal tool, a tessellation creator, and algebra tiles that you can use with a smartboard to illustrate complex math concepts in the classroom. Illuminations was created by the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics.

July 1, 2011

iPad Possibilities in the Classroom

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Written by Melanie Bacon
It is summertime, the opportunity to take a break, reflect on the past year, dream about what could be done in the classroom, and explore new resources to weave into the curriculum next year. One of the latest and greatest tools for the classroom is the iPad 2, a mobile solution to provide students the capacity to engage activities at every level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, even hitting the highest level of creation. (more…)

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