January 18, 2010

Flexible Uses of Title Funds

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Most public and private schools in the United States are eligible for Title funds under No Child Left Behind. What many districts might not realize is that there is some flexibility in place for districts who might have a higher need in one area of funding over another.

Here is a summary of what Title funds are intended for:
Title I.A – Improving Academic Achievement for the Disadvantaged
Title II.A – Teacher and Principal Quality
Title II.D – Enhancing Education Through Technology
Title IV.A – Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities
Title V.A – Innovative Programs

Transferability of funds allows districts to transfer up to 50 percent of funds out of or into Titles II.A, II.D, IV.A, and V. Funds can also be moved into Title I.A from any of those Title programs. When a district transfers funds from one program to another, those funds become subject to the rules and requirements of the programs to which they are transferred. For more information about transferability of funds read more about transferability at http://www.ed.gov/programs/transferability/index.html or contact the director of federal programs for your local school district.

Another program that allows flexibility with the use of Title funds is called the Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP-Flex). REAP-Flex authority allows eligible rural districts to transfer up to 100 percent of funds out of or into Titles II.A, II.D, IV.A, and V. Under REAP-Flex the district must spend the funds on local activities authorized under one of these title programs but does not need to meet the set aside requirements of those programs.

Allowable uses of funds include:
Teacher recruitment and retention (subject to state law)
Professional development
Educational technology
Parental involvement activities
Activities authorized under Safe and Drug-Free schools and Communities
Activities authorized under Title I.A
Activities authorized under Title III

To read more about REAP-Flex and grants available to rural districts visit http://www.ed.gov/nclb/freedom/local/reap.html

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