January 10, 2010

January Tech To-Do List

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by Melissa Brown
… three simple things you can do this month to save time AND  motivate your students to learn

Motivating students to get excited about learning after a long break can be quite a challenge. Here are a few things you can do this month to help your students hit the ground running this semester.

Apply for a Classroom Grant

Do you have an innovative project that you want to implement in your classroom but need funding? Apply for a classroom grant! Our Grants & Awards page was designed to provide you with easy access to classroom grants you can apply for online. In a short amount of time you’re brilliant classroom project can become a reality. Make January the month you check out our Grants & Awards page and find the funding source that is right for you!

Introduce Online EDUCATIONAL Video Games

Are your students tired of the old drill and practice way of learning math and language arts skills? Students are highly motivated to learn and improve in a video game environment. Thousands of teachers are having great success improving grades using Arcademic Skill Builders. These free online educational games are designed for students in grades three to eight to practice multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, spelling, subject/verb agreement, synonyms, antonyms, vowels, and state capitals in a safe online environment. Arcademic Skill Builders collects absolutely no personal information from students and is designed specifically for classroom use.

Use QuizStar to Prepare for Midterm Exams

You may have been putting off learning to use QuizStar because you thought it might be difficult to learn, expensive, or time-consuming. Now is the time to join thousands of teachers all over the world who have created more than 100,000 quizzes on QuizStar. This now FREE online quiz creator will save hours of grading time, allow you to manage all your classes online, and even analyze quiz results in minutes to determine areas that students need extra help. Check out our QuizStar Tutorials on YouTube  to learn to use QuizStar and save yourself hours of classroom management and grading time.

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